Guys I am so freaking happy today. Reason being, my workplace had a sample sale. I did so good money wise. I got a bunch of free stuff and I also brought some stuff, you know I couldn’t resist. So the next few post’s will see my brilliant buys and freebies.

The Hobbs sample sale saw a lot of knitwear, jackets, dresses and blazers. No bags for me this time. However I fell in love with all my buys instantly.

The first thing I got was this black jumper pictured above. The cool thing about this jumper is that it has silver glitter all over it. I tried to get a good shot of the glitter. Emphasis on the word TRIED.

Anyhow, this jumper brings a smile to my face, this is why I had to get it.

Hobbs black glitter jumper £0.00 = 3 hours work at sample sale