Morning, Morning, Morning

Guys its time for a change. Your probably thinking what does she mean, well I mean I need to change my life and my nail game. I was going to be really shallow and just say I need to change my nail game but then I thought no Char say something smart too.

I stumbled upon these nail letters last night on eBay and I fell in love right away. Some people may think what? They are ridiculous. I say they are perfect. The first thing I am going to do is put my blog address on my nails. Promote, promote, promote!

I am not sure how to apply the letters but I guess the letters come with glue on the back. If not I will just use clear nail varnish to apply on top. I have actually seen some really nice fancy gold letters which I have to get. Once I get these I will upload a pic of the results.


Pic 1: Letters and figures = £0.99 plus £1.20 postage

Pic 2: Letters and figures = £2.02