Bargain 71 – Did you say 2 for 1


How is everyone? Hope your all ok. I am up and on the hunt for a new job. I need a change guys. It’s all about change for the new year so I’m starting now.

One thing that wont change is my bargains. As I said in my previous post I am loving shirts right now. I was doing a usual search on eBay and I came across a very nice red stripe shirt. This shirt got my attention right away.

Low and behold there was a two for one offer. Just my thing. I am not so keen on the second plain red shirt however I could not miss out on this.

These were on auction, thankfully I won it. Phew.


X2 red shirts £0.99 plus £2.16 postage

Regent cardi at John Lewis

Hi guys,

Whilst doing my usual search on the internet, I actually came across my Regent cardigan on the John Lewis website. I had to let you guys know. John Lewis are currently selling my cardigan at £44. I am shocked.

I’m sorry but I would not pay £44 for this cardigan. For £44 I want more material on my cardigan. Well I guess I am just luck I got this at my bargain price £0.00.

Please see previous post if your thinking how did she do that?

I love my bargain buys.

Bargain 70 – Hobbs Regent Cardigan


My next purchase was this cutest mustard cardigan. Believe me guys I need new cardigans. The one’s I have, lets just say they need to be thrown away.

This cardigan appeals to me because of the check design. Combined with the mustard colour, this cardigan screamed get me. It feels so soft! I will most likely team this item with shirts. Actually I have fallen in love with shirts again. I’m loving simple smart shirts.

This cardigan has the most adorable little pockets at the front, much lower than usual. For that reason this cardigan gets a my bargain world thumbs up.

Hobbs Regent Cardigan £0.00 = 3 hours work at sample sale

Bargain 69 – All that glitters isn’t always gold


Guys I am so freaking happy today. Reason being, my workplace had a sample sale. I did so good money wise. I got a bunch of free stuff and I also brought some stuff, you know I couldn’t resist. So the next few post’s will see my brilliant buys and freebies.

The Hobbs sample sale saw a lot of knitwear, jackets, dresses and blazers. No bags for me this time. However I fell in love with all my buys instantly.

The first thing I got was this black jumper pictured above. The cool thing about this jumper is that it has silver glitter all over it. I tried to get a good shot of the glitter. Emphasis on the word TRIED.

Anyhow, this jumper brings a smile to my face, this is why I had to get it.

Hobbs black glitter jumper £0.00 = 3 hours work at sample sale